When We Crave Love


As single women or men there is a point in which we tend to crave love. A relationship. Support by a partner. Their touch. The love we feel from deep within.

I am no different.

And yet this love is out of our hands. We cannot force it. We cannot control it. The love from someone else, we cannot control it. It is out of our hands. We can flirt, we can go for hunt, but ultimately it is out of our hands.

I am not saying that you should give up. Or that love isn’t available for you. No it is – although I know sometimes we doubt we will ever find the love from someone else.

So when we crave love,

We need to love love ourselves.


The love you wish to receive

Is the love you need to give yourself.


Support yourself just as you wish to be support.
Stand first in line to cheer for your success.

Love yourself just as you wish to be loved.
Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you are, tell yourself „I love you“.

Treat yourself just as you wish to be treated.
Be kind, compassionate, loving. Towards yourself.

Engage in conversations you wish to be engaged in with your partner.
Witness that dialogue within and take an active part in it. Discuss with yourself, be critical, talk to a friend.

Find the love deep within that you wish you’d find by loving someone else.
That love that you feel looking at a partner, that love comes from deep within. And it is always there, not just when you are in a relationship. Connect to it. Find it. Through meditation. Through journaling. Through long walks in nature.

Connect back with your intuition and let that love shine.
Not just for a partner, but for anyone around.


… a few words that came to me as I was sitting in meditation here in Zurich at the beautiful home of my friend Mirjam. It might just be something you need today, just like me.

Sending you love and light,

xx Ronja

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