Welcome to So This Is What!

A place to help and inspire you to live an empowered life by taking charge over your BODY, your MIND and your SOUL. Because with it comes a tremendous power, the power you need to get what you want, to achieve your goals, reach for your dreams, to be happy and feel an infinitive love for yourself. 

I am not saying it is easy, but I am so very sure that this is something worth fighting for! It took me quite some years to understand what strength lies in me, what I am capable of achieving. But now here I am, still on my path to live an empowered life, with the goal to help as many as you discover your own strength inside and learn to use it best.

This is YOUR life, live it the way YOU want, the way YOU are dreaming of living it!

Now  to live an empowered life there are three parts that you need to be taking charge of: your body, your mind and your soul. What I mean by that and what you can expect to find here? Let me show you:



Taking care of your body is a big part to feel happy and self-confident – key elements to an empowered life. If you ever had a great workout session, you will know that amazing, empowered feeling afterwards. What you will find here are all things health and fitness like tips, recipes, running, yoga and much more. Those posts are ideas and inspiration that work for me or others I know of, but it doesn’t say that they are the best for your body. You need to start listening to your own needs, what brings me to the next part…





Your soul, your inner voice as I like to call it. Your soul is where you will find your answers to heart burning question like “Who are you?”, “What do you want in life?”, or “What are your fears?”. Bundled here will be all self development, meditation, mindfulness and my thoughts on all of it.






Now that you started listening to your soul it is time to take action, to let your mind do the work. To live an empowered life you need some sort of organization, a plan so that you can constantly work on your dream life. This part is all about tips on organization, finance, planner peeks, blogging tricks and much more.


Now you know what So This Is What is intended to be – but this is not a one man show. If you choose to, YOU will be a part this journey! We can learn from each other, from our stories, our ideas and our mistakes. Feel free to share as much as you want – you can comment here, on Instagram, twitter, Facebook or contact me personal via email. Don’t hesitate to ask what ever is on your soul, blocking your mind or bothering your body! So This Is What is not an I, it is a WE!



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