This Is The Time To Share Your LIGHT

It seems as if the world is on the edge these days. There is so much happening in the world that only makes me shake my head. Trump. Erdogan. Brexit. And now the recent results of the German election, with a party getting 13% of the votes that in my opinion shouldn’t even exist. Things seem bad. Things are bad.

In all of this, I sometimes feel like a small little tiny thing. In the bigger scheme of things, I am. You are.

Somehow, what feels like the first time in my life, I have the confidence to voice my opinion and feel the intense need to do so. I am sick and tired of keeping my head down. I am by no means much into politics or highly educated about it – this might change. But it isn’t just politics that I want to address, that I have strong opinions about, its life, personal growth, you, me, us. It might not only be that I feel the confidence to voice my opinion out loud, it might be because I actually do have one, because there are things I am highly passionate about. Just a little while ago I shared an extremely long Instagram story about trauma and there were things I couldn’t hold myself back to talk about.
“Who am I to say things out loud?”, you might ask yourself. The better question is: who am I, who are you, not to?

Now with all of this bs happening in the world, I sometimes feel helpless. I mean what can I do to create change? What will my actions even matter?

For a while, I didn’t have an answer. And then it hit me: I can do this. Exactly this. Exactly what I am doing right now, right here and there. I can inspire. I can share what I learned. I can help you to grow. I can work on sharing my light & love as best as I possibly can.

What can you do in all of this? What can you do in all the bad happening in the world?
You can work on yourself.
You can work on shining your light.
You can work on first of all finding that light and love within. Because it is there, in each and every one of us. We just can’t see it anymore. We aren’t connected. I wasn’t. For years. I had no idea. I suppose there was this knowledge, that there was a better way, but I didn’t know how. And I didn’t figure out how overnight. It took time. It took exploring. It needed big challenges and small challenges to learn and to grow. It took a lot of reading, a lot of consuming.
Yes, it was work.
But I promise you, it’s the best work you can ever apply for. Because it changes anything. Everything.

And this is exactly what I am passionate about. This is what I would like to scream from the rooftop:
You have that light within you. There is a power far bigger than you could ever imagine. And it is the time that you, we all, connect with it again.

Imagine a map of the world. It is dark, almost everywhere. There is just a little bit of light here and there. All of us, we are the light or the darkness. You are one point of the map, lit up or still in darkness. The darkness coming from the ego, being led by fear, living a life full of anxiety and doubt and negativity. And the light coming from just that, the light you carry within, choosing love over fear over and over again, letting go all of the fearful stories. Now imagine we would all start working on finding that love and light within, imagine how we would all shine our light. The whole map would burst into light. Wouldn’t that be beautiful?

Let the drama go.

So many people are living based on fear. So many of us don’t know how to let go of the drama, how to create a life they love. I am not judging. How could we if no one is telling us how?

You are not alone.

Never. Whatever you are going through. You’re never alone. You have yourself – you have that incredibly powerful voice of wisdom within you. And you have your family and friends. And if for some reason you don’t have them right now, you have me. Just two laptop screens away.

Don’t let anyone tell you what’s good for you or what’s right.

This is your life. You know what is good and you know what isn’t. And this is different for all of us. What’s good for me might not be good for you. And that’s okay. Listen to the opinions, listen and reflect. You can take them but you do not have to. If someone tells you that you can’t do this? Turn away. Trust that you can if that is what you feel deep within.

You happiness start right here. Within.

It doesn’t lie in the next purse you buy. It doesn’t lie in the next relationship you start. It doesn’t lie in the work you do. It lies within you and can shine on whatever you do. You are the happiness you so desperately seek.

You are loved.

Maybe not by a partner you deeply wish for. But you are loved. By me. By anyone else like me. And most of all by yourself. You can give yourself the love you always craved for.

Is all of this easy. No. But we are not doing it full speed. We are going this way step by step. Little by little. There will be challenges. Always. There will be things that knock you off your feed. But we are trying to find ways to get you back on your feed.

How? Hoowwww?
That we will figure out together. You and me. Step by step. Every step means learning. Be willing to learn. Open up. Open your heart.

The more I think about it the more passionate I get.

Share your light.
Shine your light.
Choose love over fear.
Love over fear.

I am sending you much love,

xx Ronja

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