The Bullet Journal – A System That Works


Here’s a look at my monthly planning system in my Filofax – Bullet Journal ♥

Finally the time of try and error is over and I can show you my new and “perfect” way to keep organized. If you are anything like me, you agree that perfect isn’t a term that can be used together with planner. Life situations change and with it does my need for planning. Which is why I am madly in love with my new system. The bullet journal.

What it is? Well I let the creator of this system do the talking:

I am not even sure how I got to now about the bullet journal. I probably stumped upon it via Pinterest – oh in case you are as crazy about planners as I am, you might want to check out my Pinterest board
{FILOFAX & PLANNERS }. In the end somehow I discovered this method and I am so happy I did. Here’s why I love it:

It is a system, not a planner.

This might not be the case for some of you, but I as a stationary lover and constant planner-thinker, I got super tired of the same old agendas. Somehow they never satisfied me or gave me what I needed. This summer I realized that I could buy all the planners in the world and not be happy. Because I focused on the product and not the system I was using. After this – in my eyes – big realization I got to think more and more about my actual needs instead of the product. And then I found the bullet journal – the perfect system for me.


It doesn’t need the most expensive notebook, you can use it in anything, even the 1€ notebook. All you need is paper & pen and you are good to go. As I said, it is a system that I am talking about here and not a look, design or certain product (even though you can actually buy a bullet journal on their website).


One look and you know what you are looking at. A note? An event? A call? It is all organized with bullets. And in case you are a color coordinator, no problem you can simply add it color in.

One page. Two pages. Ten pages.

There is no limit. You can use as much space as you need. Every day my life is different and every day needs a different amout of space. The great thing about the bullet journal is its flexibility. You can use as much space as you desire. In any way you desire.

My life in one Place.

A bullet jountal can be just a calendar filled with appointments and to dos. But as the name says it can also be some sort of a journal. Which is the best part for me. Finally I have a place where all my random thoughts can go. I can just scribble it all down. In one place and not ten different notebooks. It never feels wrong or misplaced. In normal calendars I quickly hit a limit when it came to those daily thought – where should I put them? Now, every little thought that don’t want to forget about will be written down. Anywhere it doesn’t matter. Which brings me to the last point.

 It is one big brain dump.

My bullet journal is one big brain dump. What ever comes to my mind will be written down. It’s one big brain dump. With this mentality I finally let go of the anxiety and stress I had about tasks that wouldn’t be completed. And let’s be honest, life changes and so do the to do’s we set for ourselves. Therefore a good working system needs to be flexible. And the bullet journal does just that. Finally I don’t care anymore about those uncompleted tasks. I know that I wrote them down. And I can trust myself that I will look through little note at the end of the week or day and see what items can be crossed of and what needs to be migrated to the next day, week or months.

Now I realize that this post already got pretty long, especially if you watched the 4minute video. And I could write on and on about my planner. But instead of going into more detail, I would love to know what you think. Are you familiar with this method? How do you plan your days? What is your system? Did I get you hooked to try it?
In case you did, here is my favorite inspiration:
♥ One of my favorite post and in-depths look at a bullet journal from the beautiful Kara over on Be sure to check out her Instagram account as well – she keeps sharing beautiful images, where she introduced her bullet journal.
♥ Another beautiful blogger Dee is sharing incredible insight on her blog And I loved her post on the original bullet journal website.
♥ And Kim from  a She also shared an insight on the the bullet journal website. Love it!

As I said, I am not even close to reaching my planner-nerdy talking limit : ) Please let me know if you are curious to know more. Maybe some more in-depth about how I actually work with the bullet journal? My planner routine? Or maybe you saw something in the pictures you are curious about?

And to all my planner friends out there: I love, and I mean literally LOVE, a look inside someones planner. I find it fascinating! No idea why, but there is something magical about it. So I’ve been thinking to start a new category here on So This Is What in which you my friends could give us all a look insight your planner – in form of a guest post. What do you think? Please send me an Email to if you would like to share your planner with us ♥

Here’s a look at my monthly planning system in my Filofax – Bullet Journal ♥

xx Ronja

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  • Ooooh…Ronja! I love this post!! I also love that you provided a few links to other planner people talking all about the bullet journals as well. You know I’m right there with you and I could talk planners! LOL Once I get my filofax set up to be a tad bit more organized, I’d love to share it with you & your readers via a guest post!! I’ll email you once I’m there (because I’m thinking I need to re-incorporate some bullet journaling in my filofax!).

    • Oh Vicky, your comment is making me so excited! I would LOVE to have you here on my blog <3 <3 And I am dying to get a peek inside your planner! I can't wait 🙂 I will probably check my inbox everyday - no seriously take your time organizing your setup 🙂 have a beautiful Friday night <3

  • Kim

    Hi Ronja! Thank you so much for the lovely shout-out! 🙂 Perhaps you could kick-off the series by showing us a peek of your planner! (;

    • Dear Kim,
      of course! I love your bullet journal…so inspiring <3
      Maybe you are right and I should give a little more inside to my planner. Since I love talking about anyway, I will get to it asap 🙂
      Have a great day.
      xx Ronja

  • This is SO great, Ronja! I just love seeing write-ups on the Bullet Journal and yours is no exception! Thank you so much for the shout-out and keep doing what you’re doing… I love it! 🙂

    • Dear Kara,
      of course! Your bullet journal is such an inspiration to me! Your pictures are beautiful <3 I don't know but do you feel for sharing an insight of you bullet journal here on the blog? I would love to have you as a part of my "Planner Peek" series 🙂
      Have a beautiful day!
      xx Ronja

  • I always wondered about these bullet journals. I should try it.

    • Oh they are great! I love how flexible and versatile they are. But I did combine it with inserts from Filofax, just because having everything written by hand can overwhelm me a little. Especially since I don’t always love my handwriting and then I just tend to look less at my own writing 🙂 So I mix them both together and that works like a charm 🙂
      Have a great day!
      xx Ronja

      • I was thinking that the drawing all of the pages would get to be a little much. I’m not that artistic so good idea on combining the two types of journals!

        • Hi Mellisa, I am so sorry for the late reply, vacation totally got me 🙂 I love all the drawings you see on pinterest and everywhere, but I am simply not artistic, and drawing pages everyday would simply get to much for me. I would spend for time drawing then actual planning, and where’s the sense in that? 🙂 On the other side, only filofax pages feel to tight to me, so I really love combining those two 🙂
          Have a great day! xx Ronja