My Nr. 1 Spiritual Practice From The Past Season

spiritual practice sleep

Life is a constant flow of change. It is never fully the same and it changes all the time. We experience stress and relaxation, business and calm, chaos and structure, ups and downs, highs and lows. A constant flow. Which is why I like to look at life in seasons. Due to outside circumstances (job, living situation, relationship status etc.) and inside growth we experience different seasons, phases of life. While I love habits and routines, I also believe that we should never look at them too stricked or like they are set in stone. Because as the seasons of your life change, so do your needs and therefore the spiritual practices you apply.

A look at my main different spiritual practices in the past two years

At the beginning of  2016 I was extremely focused on waking up super early – 5 AM – and the book & principles form The Miracle Morning. It was amazing and it was exactly what I needed. It quickly turned into my main spiritual practice for that time.

Fast forward to June 2016: I had started to work at school and had to get up early anyway because school started way early then the job I had been doing before. The first months at school were tough and so I quickly dropped the miracle morning. It just wasn’t working for me to wake up even earlier only to squeeze in the miracle morning as my spiritual practice. While I do love it and am sure that it will be a fixed part of my life again, right then and there it just wasn’t my priority.

A few months later: At the beginning of 2017 I was living in a long distance relationship. While it was beautiful and amazing, living 800km apart also wasn’t always that easy. Quickly mediation became an integral part of my days. Meditation has helped me to reconnect with my intuition. This is how I was able to hear the wisdom within that has helped me and guided me whenever things got tough (in my personal and job life). While I still meditate almost every day, the meditation is not as “necessary” for me as it was back then. I feel as if I have grown such a big relationship and connection to my intuitive knowing during the beginning of 2017 that right now, I can easily tune inward to hear that whisper of wisdom within at any given time, without having to sit on my meditation pillow.

One year ago, I also started my teacher training, which again brought me to a very new season of mine. It is a beautiful one but also a tough one. There are many aspects of it that do take lots and lots of energy and I feel as if I’ve been in one of my busiest seasons of life – not just with the things I need to do, but just with the different things I need to organize and keep in my mind (I am already excited to sum up everything I learned when the teacher training is done – I have a feeling it’s gonna be a long post). So a new season has started and with it a new spiritual practice manifested in my life…

spiritual practice sleep meditation quote

…sleep. Oh yes, sleep was my Nr. 1 spiritual practice in the past few months. While you might not think of it as such, I do feel that it is a spiritual practice. Even the Dalai Lama already put it that way.
I am an early bird, I have always been but somehow over the last few months I found myself sleeping in way longer then I used to. Without an alarm, I slept until 10, 11 or even later than 12 AM sometimes. I admit I struggled with it a lot at first. Because I do not like sleeping in that long. I always feel that before you even showered and got ready, half of the day is already gone and it is time to go to bed again. I wasn’t used to that. Because usually even on weekends I often woke up at 7 AM went on a run with my mum, picked up groceries, had a beautiful breakfast and was showered and dressed by 10 AM. All of sudden that changed. It took me a good few weeks to accept that. To accept that I was able to sleep over 11h in a row again which I hadn’t been doing ever since the beginning of University. But there I was. And after a few weeks of hard feelings about it, I began to surrender. I began to accept that my body needed sleep more then anything. So I stopped setting an alarm only to snooze for 2 hours. I stopped complaining about it. Instead I surrendered and slept. And I became aware of why it might be that sleep was that important to me:

Winter Time

It is only natural that during the colder and darker months of the year we tend to need more sleep and get a bigger desire to snuggle up and get cozy at home.

Monkey Mind

As I said before one of the main things I am experiencing from working as a teacher and the teacher training is a monkey mind. There is always so much to be thought of, to be remembered. So many times I’ve been sitting in the subway on my way home, feeling that my head might just be exploding very soon. While downloading all of my thoughts helped, sleep was an even better way to heal.

Input Overwhelm

This might be a very teacher specific thing, but maybe not, every day I am confronted with so much information. The kids, the colleagues, the to do’s. It’s all a bit much sometimes. This goes hand in hand with the monkey mind but it is a deeper feeling of inspiration and input. While I didn’t only start my teacher training, I also began working on my business much more, which meant to look at a lot of inspiration and information that need to be handled and processed.

spiritual practice sleep

So those are three main reasons I had found why sleeping became such an important part. While meditating and journaling have helped, it was a good night sleep or a beautiful nap that helped me to turn things around and find alignment again. Sleep became my Nr. 1 spiritual practice. And looking at it now, I do agree with the Dalai Lama, sleep is the best meditation of it all. With a good night sleep, I was able to process everything. All of the input. All of the experiences. All of the actions.

All of this has taught me to be even gentler with myself and to fully accept the needs of my body, even if my mind doesn’t agree. Even if my ego tells me that “You can’t sleep for 11h, you will miss out on everything, you won’t be able to do your work”. If my body is craving something so deeply, there is a reason for it. And whether you understand that reason or not, you should allow yourself to have what your body needs.

Right now? I feel as if I had enough sleep so to speak. I found myself waking up before the alarm from time to time, I feel less tired and more awake. I have a feeling my spiritual practice might be about to change. We will see…

Time to reflect:

Reading this post, what would you think is your Nr. 1 spiritual practices right now? What is it that your body needs? What helps you to feel most powerful and aligned?

-don’t hesitate to share in the comments below-

I am sending you all the love!

xx Ronja


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