New Moon Intention ∼ Little Update ∼ Early Bird ∼ Summer of Soul Sisters

Good morning – is it morning where you are right now?

It has been a while since I last said hi to you. At least here on the blog. So, hi there. Hi all of you.

I finally woke up bright and early again this morning. Early being 7am. Which is early for me these days. Ever since summer break has started, I woke up nothing earlier than 10am. It’s not as if my schedule is filled to the brim these days – so I had enough time to sleep in, and I needed to – yet I always felt as if I missed a few hours. Before I even knew it is was lunch time, a little bit later time for an afternoon break and nighttime it was already. Nope, I am an early riser. Me and my creativity.

So today I woke up early. I opened up my curtains to a beautiful rainy day (totally in the mood for a rainy day right now), and quickly got into the kitchen to make myself a good cup of coffee only to snuggle back in bed with it. As I was watching the water run through the filter (it felt  like a little mini meditation), a little message hit me: I’ve been in my head.

I’ve been in my head. Too much. All the time. Ever since summer break has started. Somehow the complete opposite from what I thought has happened. I imagined myself being all connected with all this time to journal, meditate, rest and lay on the floor. But although I am having a lot of time, I’ve been putting myself under pressure. I’ve been stressing about the packing for my upcoming trip. Even know I am stressing if this post is any good, if it even adds any value. And the more I write about it right now, the more I realize under what a pressure we all put ourselves day to day.

We don’t go with the flow anymore.  I think we’ve lost the “What do you want to do?… Oh let’s play Barbies” that we all were masters at when we were children. The aspect of play. The aspect of choosing what we want to do in every moment. The checking in with what I want to do. I’ve lost that. And sadly enough, I even lost it here and on Instagram. Too much worries about being good enough, creating good enough content, worrying about numbers and imaginary goals to be reached.

It’s funny. Right when I am going through “The Ego 101 – Summer Coaching Porgram” I see my ego act up big time …. Did you catch the “good enough” above? That’s the ego! In all of its glory. The stressing, the worry, the fear – about writing, packing, traveling, missing morning routines, daily to do’s  – that’s the ego. It is the opposite of being in the flow.

This weekend we had another full moon and ever since a few moon cycles I’ve been creating a little ritual around the full and new moon. This weekend I didn’t really have time for it, but the thought that I wanted to set an intention for this new cycle didn’t leave my mind. So yesterday as I was meditating, it was still on my mind and mid into it, I knew what my intention would be. It wasn’t words that really came to my mind, but rather images. Let me try to describe: heart wide open, love & light pouring out of the heart center, embrace, calm, enjoying every moment of my travel, flowing, waves.
While it felt amazing and so right, I didn’t fully understand what it meant. Until now. Until this morning. Because it is exactly that what I am graving: Getting out of my head and into my heart. Dropping the judgment and the worries, the fear, and living & acting from my intuition. Being able to experience my travels from a place of love and with my heart wide open.

It is a beautiful intention. That is for sure. It feels very right, beautiful.
I am not one hundred percent sure how to get there. I think waking up this early was a good start. Writing. Checking in with myself – how are you doing? How are you feeling? What do you need? – as often as possible. A morning routine, although I am traveling. Floor moments. Big breaths. Long walks. The ocean (oh how I can’t wait for that…two more days!). Big belly laughs. Meditation. Journaling, of course, but maybe a little different, less about what’s on the mind and what’s happening and more of a soul write. Dancing – oh, I’ve been feeling so connected with music. Yoga. Coffee ceremonies. Cancelling Netflix.

It is a summer of soul sisters. I’ve been calling it this for a long time. The name includes “soul” and that’s exactly how I want to experience it. From my soul. And I can’t wait. To meet some of my very best friends. Women I feel so deeply connected to, so understood, so loved, so save with.

I am sending you all lots of love and light. And I am wondering, is there anything on your mind lately? Anything that you’d like to change?

Have a wonderful day!

xx Ronja

P.s. Image by my beautiful friend Anni from last summer – another Soul Sister!

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