Monthly update – May 2017

I am going to be as cliche as one can get for a moment, okay? Bare with me. Here we go. Time is running. It is insane! I know, I know everyone keeps saying that over and over again, but truly, it is crazy. Maybe it’s because of the teacher training I started in February because with that my planner is kinda exploding. So many appointments, too many “exams” and so many vacation days in between. I love it. I thrive on it. Yet with almost every week something special going on, it seems like there is no stop. I am finding my own calm in between it all. Still, time is flying.

Okay, enough of that, let’s move on, just tell me below, do you feel the same? This morning, under the shower (it seems that’s when I get most of my ideas), I felt inspired to write some sort of a monthly update, take a little moment to reflect. To write about things and thoughts that aren’t fully “done” yet, who might never see the light. To share what’s been going on, what I’ve been focusing on, what’s been happening. I miss those chatty posts, maybe you do too? Not sure yet, but I think today it’s going to be a wide mix of things…

Female cycle and moon phases

Going out of my comfort zone when I address this, but I am just gonna continue to write without going TMI. Over the past months I’ve been obsessed with the menstrual cycle. I’ve been getting my hands on whatever information I could get, falling in love with the gorgeous Claire Baker and her Instagram stories. And recently I started to track my own cycle big time. All of that somehow seems like a completely new journey towards getting to know myself. I am starting to see patterns in my mood, my creativity, my sadness. And frankly, it simply amazes me. And it’s so much fun! With that somehow I also reembraced the little whoowhoo side from my childhood – if there is one thing I always wanted to be (and still do), it’s been to be a witch, a good one of course -, and been slowly getting more and more into the whole moon phases. I am not casting any spells (yet…haha!), and some information I see online is way too “out of the world for me”, but I like the way this never ending cycle of the moon phases can help to somewhat create beautiful spiritual routines around it. Like setting new intentions, letting go of things. The book “Moonology” is high on my wish list, but since I am really trying to be all good with my finances, it’s just not in the budget right now. I am no pro in either one of those two topics, they somehow just made their way into my life. There are no goals, there are no to do’s. I just naturally integrated them into my life and therefore there is no stress, no expectations connecting with them. All it is, is fun.

Life coaching

The cat is out of the bag. Literally. Have you seen that new page up in the menus, that “work with me”? Jupp, the cat is out of the bag. Let me just go back a little bit, alright. Ever since I started blogging in 2013 I realized more and more how passionate I am about all things life and personal development. I knew early on that I would never write about beauty (although I tried that once, just check the archives for Bobbie Brown) not about fashion (tried that too), but that I was inspired to write about life. Somewhere along the way I got to know life coaching and I madly fell in love. I felt so pulled toward this work and I knew that’s what I wanted to do. On and off I felt more or less aligned with that idea. Last year, when I was working for Gloment this dream became very clear to me and for a few months I was 100% all in on it. Then, as I started to work as a teacher, I somehow lost complete touch with that – honestly, I lost complete touch with my whole creative side. Summer came and I allowed myself to be offline as much as I wanted to, I fell madly in love and spent a few months on cloud nine. Yet, as with every relationship there also come challenges – especially when it’s long distance – and with that I was diving deep into personal development again. I learned a ton about myself and I grew an intense connection to my intuition. With all that, my creativity came back. Big time. And so did the idea of life coaching. But this time in such an intense, in such a clear way, I simply couldn’t deny it. It took that summer off, falling in love and reconnecting to myself to grow this beautiful intense connection to my intuition. And she was telling me clearly that it was time to get out there. And I believed. On the same note, I got the sweetest feedback from you. There are so many programs and teachings I want to take to grow and improve and for a while I held back on my dreams because I convinced myself that I wasn’t “perfect” enough…oh this word! My ego got the best of me. But then, as I was sharing in my Instagram stories the biggest moments of growth, even if it involved tears and red eyes, a lot of you seemed to connect with me. You began to build a trust, you began to open up and for that I incredibly grateful. You gave me the last push, to throw my ego out of the window and take a step forward. So stay tuned, as I am typing this I have a ton of tabs open, working on my summer coaching program – yayyy…so excited!

Beautiful friendship and SoulTalk Sunday

Out of bad things, good things grow, right? A breakup is never fully good. Even if you initiate it, there are bad feelings involved. This time something amazing was born out of it. It took that break up and this intense need to get away from everyone for me to book my plane ticket to travel to Zurich. I think it was the most spontaneous trip I’ve ever booked. And it was amazing. I met the beautiful, wonderful Mirjam and in the course of just a few days we’ve grown an amazing friendship. But it wasn’t just a friendship we’ve grown, we’ve also felt a big burst of inspiration to create something beautiful together. The Soul Talk Sunday was born – you can read & watch about all of it right HERE (it’s gonna be german though…) – and I cannot wait for the first episode to go online. And I can’t wait to record the next and see where all of this is taking us.
In case you read it, Mirjam, love you.

Life’s is too short

This is a difficult lesson to learn and I know that I keep learning it over and over again, but life is too short. It is too short for us to keep living a life we don’t love. It is too short to hold back on your dreams. It is too short to give a crap about what other people might think or say about you. It is too short to hide away. It is too short to be living someone else’s dream. It is too short to worry, to fear, to be pulled into negativity.

I am not ready. I am not perfect. We will never be. If we wait for perfect, if we wait to be ready, we will never be. Step out. Please step out and do your thing. Live life with arms white open, as white as you can. Embrace it all. Good and bad. Make choices and create a life beyond your wildest dreams. And along the way you are never alone. I am always just an Instagram story away.

This is me

Just as I wanted to hit publish, I felt inspired to write this, to share with you what I’ve been learning.
If a friend of mine is in pain, I drop everything, I am fully there, I take care. Within in a second I am fully there.
I don’t care how I look in my stories. If I feel the call to share, I do so with red teary eyes, greasy hair and my pj’s on. As authentic as it gets, but that’s what I fully believe in.
There is nothing as healing as spending a day in nature, in the park, taking a walk, gazing at the sunshine. Nature heals everything.
Guilt. Guilt seems to be the key to it all.
I can let someone go. I can let them go, while still carrying them very deep in my heart.
All the answers are deep within. We will feel it, we will know.
Faith is changing everything. The elephants are. The trust.


I almost feel as if there are thousand of other things or words I’d like to “throw” at you, but for today, I think I’ll stay with those. But before you sign off, I wanted to ask you, as I am planning out the posts for June, are there any topics you would like me to address? Is there anything you’d like to ask me? I would love to address any questions or topics that you might have as some of you have recently asked me about advice. 

Rise sister rise.


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