Meditation For Beginners + PLUS Guided Meditation & Video

Hello loves, let’s just take a breath shall we? I know I need a moment of calm. It’s been a busy day and my mind has been chasing like crazy today. So let’s take a breath together.

Big inhale through the nose.
Big exhale through the mouth.

Inhale through the nose.
Exhale through the mouth.
One last time. Big inhale through the nose.

Big exhale through the mouth.

Feeling a little bit more at peace? I do.

Meditation. Today’s topic.
If you follow my stories on Instagram (you should if you aren’t already) you’ve seen my meditation pillow almost everyday. Over the past month I pretty much became addicted to meditation. It has been my rescue several times already this year. And over this summer, with my first coaching program I started to get this big pull towards the idea to teach meditation as part as my coaching and my online presence. And I’ve been getting questions, from close friends, co-workers and you guys. So I thought it was about time to share the wisdom I gained in the past and the misbeliefs I uncovered that helped me to really integrate meditation into my life. And because I felt so inspired one afternoon, after recording a SoulTalk Sunday episode  for you with Mirjam , I sat right where I was and hit record on my laptop. In the video I mention some of the things that I will also write about here, but – and this has never happened before – I also included a guided meditation from me. Because meditation isn’t something you do on paper, it is something you do when you sit down, turn off your phone and tune in.

There is no right way

As with everything, all I am saying and all everyone else is saying is just a guideline, just an idea, simply here to inspire you. It’s not the perfect, the right or the best way. It’s just how I have experienced it and what I think will help you. Don’t follow what I preach to the smallest bit. Try it out. Do your thing with it. Do what works and drop what doesn’t. It is your life, your meditation, your rules.

Meditation is anything but quiet

When I first started to meditate I had this idea in my head, that once I would sit down and close my eyes it would get quiet within, that my mind would stop talking. I thought it would quiet down. I thought that it was the way it was supposed to be. I quickly understood that that wasn’t how I experienced meditation. Quiet. And I felt bad about not meeting the standard. Why couldn’t I do what everyone else out there told me to do? So instead of bringing good vibes to the mediation pillow, I brought in negative.

So here’s what I feel a lot of people don’t mention: meditation is anything but quiet. There will be thoughts. You will catch yourself thinking a whole meditation all about your to do list or anything else that’s stressing you out without even realizing at first. This happens to all of us. No exception. And here’s what I would love for you to do: don’t get mad at yourself or annoyed or any other negative feeling. When you catch those thoughts, do this: SMILE. Take it easy. Smile and focus on your breath again.

At first you will have to this is more often but with some time you will be able to focus less and less about your mind and more about your inner guidance. You will find your mind slowing down and your intuition, inner goddess, inner wisdom speak up. In the most beautiful way. And if you are thinking right now “How will I know the difference? Or what is my intuition even?”, I can only answer: wait and see. You will know the difference, you will feel it.

Because that is what meditation is for me:

It is my way to connect to my inner guide, my inner wisdom, my intuition, my power, my strength, the love deep within.

I fully believe that we have this purely loving power within us. A power that always knows the answer , that has our back and that is there to support us. You only have to start listening. And to me meditation helps me to do that. It is a way for me to silence the ego, the mind and realign with that power within. This is (besides journaling) how I find my answers, how I manage to go through the hard stuff, how I let go, how I overcome challenges, how I find myself writing this, how I worked through a breakup peacefully, how I found the courage to start coaching and to put myself out there. It sounds cheesy, I know, but somehow I can’t resist saying that meditation changed my life. Not overnight, but by every time I sat down on my pillow again.

You are allowed to move

Another thing, similar to the “it got to be silent”, I also always thought, that you weren’t allowed to move during your meditation. I guess this comes from the image of Buddha in my mind or from other pictures you see of people meditating – they’re almost statue like. It was actually a Soul Sister of mine that reminded me of this belief I used to have when I first started to meditate, because she asked me directly how I managed to sit down for 15 minutes without movement and without pain in my back. I don’t. I used to try very hard to do so, to not move a bit because I thought that this is how it’s supposed to be. Again, you make your own rules. And you can move when you’re meditating. Especially at the beginning you’re not used to sitting down up straight and your back will hurt – it get’s better over time, promise. So please move, stretch a little bit, round your back and sit up straight again. Feeling pain will only get your mind focused on that and therefore take away the awareness to let your intuition speak up.
In some mediations I feel the need to stretch my arms wide open. I then do. Sometimes I feel drawn to go into child pose. I then do. Sometimes I feel need to stretch from side to side. I then do.


There is one thing though that truly helps with sitting down and the pain in the lower back you might experience: a meditation pillow. I first ever sat on one in a Yoga class and completely fell in love. It’s the best! It’s the best way to sit on the floor. Ahhh…love it. So if you are committed, or if you have the money left this month or if you simply want to treat yourself, then get one now. As an idea, THIS looks similar to what I have.

*For the Germans: Ich habe mein Meditationskissen bei Tschibo gekauft – da gibt es alle paar Monate wieder neue.

At first you might want to start with guided meditations. You can use the meditation I guide you through in the video below, but there are also great apps. My favorite that I’ve used a good year ago is Headspace. There is also a German app that is similar to Headspace called 7mind. Both of those apps are a lot less “spiritual” – meaning they don’t focus as much on connecting with your intuition as I do, but it’s great if you just get started. And I am hoping, and planning, that I will be able to provide you with a whole lot of guided meditations in the future. As I said at the beginning, I am highly passionate about it right now.

Once you start meditating on your own, without guidance it is great to have a timer on hand. This might not need an explanation, but a good working timer is a must – how often did I get interrupted by technology. Sure you can use the regular timer on your phone, but I personally don’t like the sound and I also love having a separate app for such things. When I turn it on I know it’s about mediation and not about a cake I have in the oven. So for my mediation I use an app called “Mind Timer” that was available in the iTunes App store. It’s nothing fancy but it works and it’s for free.


Alright alright, I think I’ve said everything I wanted to say. At least my mind is all empty now.I hope this blog post and the video serve you and I hope that feel inspired to start this beautiful practice. If you do, please let me know. And if you have any questions or thoughts on this, don’t hesitate to reach out. In the comments below or drop me an email. Always right there for you.

And now here’s the video – enjoy!

I hope you are having a fabulous day!

xx Ronja

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  • Melina Dulce de Leche

    das klingt echt spannend! ich will es schon ewig probieren, danke für den tollen post! xx

    • Liebe Melina,
      vielen Dank für deinen lieben Kommentar! Ich hoffe, dass er dir bei deiner Meditation geholfen hat und dich hoffentlich auch dazu motiviert hat Meditation auszuprobieren. Meditation ist wirklich super und so hilfreich 🙂
      Ich wünsche dir einen tollen Abend!
      xx Ronja