Life Vlog #3 – Growth = More need for breaks

I’ve had a busy day. A long day at school, teaching and dealing with all the crisis little kids can have. I was happy, I felt inspired and was in a good mood. I craved a hot cup of tea and a moment on the couch. Ready to dive into the newest episode of Suits, I caught myself more interested in reading my novel. As I got up my mind started to chatter along: Mhhhh, why do I actually feel this desire to take a break? I mean I am inspired, I feel good and there was a blogpost I’ve been wanting to write. Is this my ego, is this the fear trying to keep me in my comfort zone, trying to keep me in the dark rather than to see me shine? Mh, no, the ego trying to keep me small feels different. No that’s not it. I just want to read and enjoy my cup of tea…

Before I knew it I had another light bulb moment and before I could truly think about it I hopped on Instagram stories to share it. Annoyed by those 15sec clips I opened my laptop, clicked on the PhotoBooth and pressed record. The third life vlog was born. This time all about the question: Why do we need breaks even in moments we actually feel inspired and full of energy?

I am excited to hear what you think and as always I hope it serves you.

H A P P Y    F R I D A Y !

xx Ronja

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