Keeping Up The Energy At The Beginning of 2018

Two weeks into the new year…how does it feel? How has 2018 started for you? Have you maybe set any goals in the meantime? Or already achieved one?

You may have guessed it right from my post “2018 – Taking Inspired Action” that I started this beautiful year off being overly excited, full of energy, having a crystal clear vision about where I am going. Here’s a little secret: I was extremely anxious to lose my motivation and energy, scared to fall into a rut of laziness within a few days. You know that feeling? It’s something we often get confronted with when we start a diet (or better say, eat healthily). The fear that the energy and drive will only stick for a few days. So while I fully enjoyed this motivation ride, for a few days I was sooo scared to lose it again. But here’s the thing: I allowed myself to go with it fully and completely. Because sure I could lose it again, but maybe I won’t. Who knows. Something can always happen to knock us off our feets but since we cannot look into the future, it doesn’t make sense to worry about those “but what if xy happens” now. It is something I am trying to practice more and more: being in the present. But that’s for another blogpost…

So two weeks in and yes, for a couple of days I did lose my energy, my focus, my drive. Maybe because of the moon, the hormones, who knows what, but I am back. Back on fire. And there were a couple of things that helped my to find back to my drive and energy – now and right when the new year kicked off.  All that “…with a little help from my friends”, just as The Beatles already sang…

New Agenda

First things first: a new agenda always does the trick. I don’t even want to count the money I have spent on agendas and my mum does like to roll her eyes whenever I bring a new one into the house. But what can I say? I love it! I love all things stationery. And I know it is money well invested because nothing brings me as much motivation as a new planner to sit down and actually plan things out. In fact, I hadn’t even set out to get a new one, but then there were all those planner videos – like THIS one from Kara from BohoBerry – and all of a sudden I found myself ordering one in the middle of the night. Ups. But oh well, this is was the best present I could have gotten myself. As I am writing this I am still waiting for the package to arrive (coming from the UK) but fingers crossed I can edit this before the post goes online and tell you just how amazing my new agenda is.
Update: I did arrive! My new agenda is here and I couldn’t love it anymore. I cannot wait to transform my new Hobonichi Cousin into some kind of bullet journaling style. 

2018 Lifestyle design

Last year my dear soul sister Chelsea Dinen started to share more and more about her lifestyle design board, which is basically a Pinterest board in which you collect any images that show the life that you want to create. So in my case, I just created a new lifestyle design board for 2018 including images that make me remember my goals, that transport those feelings I am after for 2018. To choose my images, I just try to go with my intuition, pin whatever image creates a positive movement within. “Less is more” is what I like to stick with. I rather only choose 15 images that truly speak to me, than include the ones that don’t fully give me that inner excitement.  You can take a look at my 2018 lifestyle design board right HERE and HERE you can get a peek at my overall lifestyle design board. And if you are at it, you can take a look at my Pinterest account overall and pin and follow as you desire. I am thinking Pinterest will be a tool I’ll be using much more in the future. We shall see. But right now, I love playing around with my lifestyle design board, downloaded the app to my phone and try to take a scroll through my board each night before going to bed. So I’ll remember where I want to head and what I want to do. And having images there that transport those feelings is AMAZING! Thank you, Chelsea, for this beautiful idea!

Awaken Radio Podcast by Connie Chapman

Oh how much I have enjoyed THIS podcast! I don’t even know how to put it into words. I had a seminar last Friday and decided to walk those 40 minutes home, opened my podcast app and saw Connie’s new episode. And it turned into one of the most inspiring walks ever. There was so much energy set free and I resonated so deeply with her words. There were a lot of things that stood out for me, but there is one in particular that I want to mention here (because you MUST listen to this episode anyway): Connie explained how she had been deeply working in 2017 with the connection to her root chakra. While I never thought of it this way, I do believe that 2017 was all about that for me too. Maybe in a different way, but I have really set ground on my spiritual practices and because of that I feel deeply rooted about who I am and a strong alignment with my intuition. And I know that this will be my motor, the basis of all of my doing in 2018. That is the basis I can always come back to, that has my back as I am slowly unfolding my wings to fly (still fully in flow with the butterfly image for 2018).
Overall listening to Connie reflecting on her year and sharing what she has learned in 2017 has given me so much inspiration and energy. Thank you, Connie, for sharing yourself so openly and authentic. You left a mark right here.

From the Heart: Conversations With Yoga Girl

Another amazing podcast episode. Again, one I was listening to as I was taking a long long walk through Berlin. It was so amazing to be listening to Rachel’s words and get inspiration to think about my own intentions and goals. A true motivation booster. And I truly loved her approach to the beginning of the new year and creating beautiful intentions over big goals as a first step towards the new year. When I look back at the goals I have set myself, I can see that I created a true mix of both. There are deep-felt intentions that count overall in my life and then there are goals that I can mark on my calendar and cross off step by step. One tip I already implemented in my own life that Rachel mentioned: I cleaned up the apps on my iPhone, created empty space and a way that helps me to use my phone more intentionally. More on that in here episode “Setting Intentions and Manifesting Love“.

Kalyn Nicholson

No surprise that every once in while I do love to browse YouTube a little longer than I usually set up for. As it just happened so last weekend. But this time I was in for a treat, a true booster on all things motivation. I rediscovered the beautiful account from Kalyn Nicholson. In between so many planner videos and videos that were overall covering content for the new year, I found two of Kalyn’s video’s that I just LOVED so so much. One in which she shares how she is planning for the new year and the other one actually covers all things planner. And I love a good planner video…

Lara Casey

Do I still have to mention how much I love this woman and how much inspiration she brings to me after my goal setting post? Not really I suppose…
But I’ll just link to here beautiful goal setting series in case you haven’t checked it out yet. Here you can find all the parts of her series PART ONE, PART TWO, PART THREE, PART FOUR AND PART FIVE.

You’re badass

This book. It is badass! It has catapulted itself to the top ten of my all-time favorite books. And I’ve already started reading it the second time. There is nothing “new” to the book, but the way Jen Sincero writes, oh that just creates fire under your a**. In the most positive way. If you ever doubt yourself, THIS is the book you’ve got to read. I cannot mention it enough. I actually started reading a page almost every night before going to bad, just to remember that everything is possible, that I can create the life I desire. And what’s better than a book that reminds you of that?

The Greatest Showman

Getting honest, from Wednesday on it has been a little tough for me. There was doubt, there was a lot of courage and that mixed together took a bit of my energy and for a few moments, I felt as if I was hanging in the air. I had lost my connection, my roots, my flow. It took a long nap on Friday and a trip to the movie theater to turn things around. I’ve always been the biggest fan of musicals and now that musical films are starting to make an appearance on the screens again (hello Les Miserables, LaLa Land…), I am one happy camper. And the recent film, The Greatest Showman, oh well, it got that fire burning within again. It has totally and completely shifted my energy – from very low to over the top. In fact, I was journaling in bed after the movies, listening to the soundtrack and had a bit of a dance party in bed…at 1 am. Already a highlight of 2018.  And since then, I cannot stop listening to the soundtrack… “From Now On” is already my favorite. One of my songs of 2018 already…


I hope that some of this brings back the fire within you, just as it did with me.

Sending you all the love,

xx Ronja


  • Theresa

    Meine liebste Ronja, ich kann immer wieder gar nicht fassen, wie nah wir uns im Geiste und im Herzen sind. Was für ein Geschenk! Ich bin Freitagabend auch noch lange zum Soundtrack des Filmes und voller Energie durch die Wohnung getanzt und bin so dankbar für diesen Abend und all die Kraft, die der Film in mir uns uns freigesetzt hat. Und für deine ganzen anderen Tipps bin ich es ebenso. Ich bin dann mal auf YouTube… das Buch von Jen liegt immer zum Greifen bereit 😉 Ich schicke dir eine riesengroße Umarmung! <3
    deine Theresa

    • Liebe Theresa, wir scheinen zur Zeit wirklich auf einer Welle zu schwimmen – und es ist ein wunderbares Gefühl zu wissen, dass wir nicht alleine sind 🙂 Der Soundtrack…ahhh einfach der Hammer! Vielleicht müssen wir den Film direkt nochmal anschauen 🙂 Ich hoffe die anderen Tipss haben dir gefallen – einen habe ich natürlich ganz vergessen: das Bullet Journaling Buch. Das kommt dann beim nächsten Mal!
      Ich schicke dir ganz viel Liebe!
      Deine Ronja

  • This was such a joy to read! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for mentioning me and lifestyle design! I just went over and looked at your board and ours are so much the same! Can’t say that I’m surprised of course 😉 So many similarities and shared values! Oh, what a beautiful year this will be! xo


    • Dear Chelsea, thank you so much for all your lovely words 🙂 Indeed, I do like to browse your lifestyle design board from time to time and get inspired by your images – they are always so beautiful! And I love how many values and similarities we share. And I am so excited to see what beautiful things will unfold this year!
      Sending you lots of love!
      xx Ronja