How you will find an answer to any heart desired question

If there is something we face all the time, every week, every month, even every day, it’s the search for answers to any heart desire. We wonder what decision to make, we wonder how to decide. We wonder if we should take that job, if we should apply for this program, if the person we date is the right one. We wonder how we will ever find the answer and we fear to decide wrong. Oh the fear of making a wrong decision. It’s big for some of us lovely souls. I am no different than any of you. As longtime readers, you know that I keep saying that everything changed for me in 2012 and I feel that especially over the last three to four years I took a lot of big steps. I grew and learned so much about myself. Maybe the biggest change I can pinpoint is the way I started to connect to my intuition. I discovered this voice within. I learned to listen. I learned to acknowledge it. I learned to trust. And I learned to follow its guidance. With this growth also came a change in the way I handled those decisions in life. Looking back, I think I’ve always been a very intuitive person, but for a long time I didn’t believe in that voice within. I didn’t trust. The thing is, that voice within, your intuition, it knows all the answers. So we find the answers to our big heart questions? We find them within. It took me a while to understand that, to learn this, so I am not saying that this post will change everything for you in a heartbeat. No. But it is a big step along your journey.

So really my answer is this. You need to listen within, you need to turn inward and you will find your answer. You will know. One thing I’ve always wondered, or maybe just my ego, is how I know if this answer I am finding is right. I guess I am not the only one with an ego asking this, right? From my experience the best way I could describe it is that you will feel it. It is rather a sense of body reaction than knowledge – meaning knowing with the mind. There is a sense of peace and calm that comes when finding the answer, a moment, a second, in which you couldn’t be bothered with anything in life. To reach that, to get there, we need to sush the outside noise and focus within. We need to create silence so we can hear that whisper within.


I am aware that this takes practice. This isn’t a quick fix. Growing the connection to our intuition takes practice. Yet it is not as big as it might sound. Of course I will say that meditation will help and if you would ask I would always advise you to try meditation because it’s just amazing. But there are other easy practices that will help you, all of you.

Nature walks

Especially over the last months and maybe because life just got so busy and I had less and less time for all the amazing spiritual practices (like beautifully set up journaling sessions), I discovered other ways to create room to listen within – sometimes without even knowing I did. By far my favorite and something I frequently go back to is taking myself on long walks. I love to run and running is another way for me to connect to my intuition, but especially those past months I couldn’t be bothered. So while I couldn’t get myself motivated to run, I could for a walk. And that’s what I did. I walked and with that I reconnected with my intuition, finding an answer to my heart desired question.

Floor moments

Something else I quickly integrated were my “floor moments”, that’s how I like to call them. And they are as easy as it gets, at least from an outside perspective. Here’s how they go: you lay down on the floor. And you stay there. You go with any emotion that comes up, you give it the room it needs. And you listen. Within. Listen if you hear an answer. Listen to what else your soul might has to say. And you stay there until you feel it’s time to go, you stay until you feel the ground beneath you again. Don’t be fooled, this can be hard work. There are a lot of moments when we don’t want to hear, when we don’t want to be involved. You will catch yourself wanting to jump up again and go back to hustling. Our mind knows tricky ways, become aware of them. You will find yourself giving in one day and other days diving in completely. That is normal. That is life. This act of lying down has always immediately brought me a sense of peace and alrightness, touching down on the floor and I knew that everything would be alright. In true moments of overwhelm this practice can be magical.


And then of course there is journaling. Having a pen in hand and writing down all of your thoughts on paper is such a sacred act, it is, again, magical. I can’t say that enough (in fact I think I mentioned this in every post). While writing, things will start to clear up again, you will become aware of your emotions and you will be able to narrow your problem and answer down. Sometimes you will even find yourself writing the answer, you’ve been dreading for so long, down on your paper. And it doesn’t matter for how long you write. Or where you write. All that matters is that you write.

You will know what answer is right. You will know because you will feel it in your body. It is as easy as it sounds, yet it can be so difficult. The different practices I mentioned above are supposed to bring you an inspiration and I am sure there are tons of other ways to do this. What I will say is this: you won’t find the answer outside of yourself. You won’t find it in the words of your friend or the suggestion from your parents. They want to help you and that is fantastic, but only you will know what is right, because only you can feel what answer is right. You can ask them for their advice and you can take a lot of inspiration from their words, but please don’t blindly follow. Take their words and go within, see what feels right and what doesn’t. Toss what doesn’t feel good and explore further what feels right. It might take a little longer and a little more exploring, but don’t give up, you will know. And you will feel it within. This all takes practice, so don’t stress yourself. About not being perfect enough. About not having enough time. About not meeting some invisible standards that you set for yourself. Take it easy. Take small steps. Little by little.

I hope this post serves you. There have been a lot of people asking about it which then inspired a little writing session a little while ago. And in all honestly, it is a good reminder for myself as well.

Sending you lots of love and light,

xx Ronja

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  • Live Ideally

    I believe that all these steps take practice, but it’s completely worth the journey to have a clear mind! I love your post; it definitely reflects everything I believe in. Keep it up!

    xo, -Live

    • Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Yes, it does take practice, that is for sure…but as you said, it is completely worth every bit to become aligned with your true self and your intuition. Which is simply beautiful <3
      Sending you lots of love and light,
      xx Ronja

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    • Thank you so much Milana!
      Have a great day!
      xx Ronja