Fall Break And Coaching Opportunity

Precisely 1h and 21min ago my fall break started. Two weeks off. Two weeks with a pretty clear agenda. Two weeks without any plans. Two weeks without a vacation scheduled. Two weeks of freedom. What should have made me extremely excited and happy, completely frustrated me. It somehow felt like a burden and a waste of time – although of course, I knew there are a billion things I want to do (write blog posts, record meditations, meet friends etc). Yet somehow it frustrated me. You know the feeling?

As was walking home I noticed all of the colourful fall leaves around me, felt the sun rays in my nack and on my back. It was beautiful. As I was enjoying this beautiful moment I started to find ease again, I managed to let go of the frustration and the sight of unplanned holidays. I smiled. I took a breath. And then it hit me. My intuition kicked in and I couldn’t walk home any faster to be sitting at my laptop right now, writing this down.

You know how I am always pointing out to you that you are not alone? No matter what? That I am always there for you? I do believe that. When in a crisis, there is always someone else out there in a crisis as well. And I mean when I say that I am always there for you – I am. But we all know that there are limits. I can’t be physically there and of course, I can’t always dive so deeply into your situation as it deserves. We are all limited by our time and the energy we are able to invest. But I want to be there. For all of you. Especially when you are going through tough times. I want to coach as much as I possibly can. I want to help as many of you as I can to find that amazing powerful beautiful light within and help you to let it shine. So there I was, realizing this and realizing that there are two weeks ahead of me with barely anything scheduled but an amazing passion burning deep within. Coaching. You.

So here we go, this is what I want to do, what I to offer you :

October 23rd until November 5th.
Two weeks.
Working with me 1:1. Intense.
Two weeks, four calls (60min each via skype).
Endless email support.

And this so for you. For the ones of you that struggle right now. For the once who are going through tough times. Who may are hitting a rough time with their partner. Or frustrated not having one. Or in a crisis, because they can’t find a job. Or feeling that it is time to create change but they don’t know what. Who have problems with their family.  Who are overwhelmed with their studies. Who can not shake the ego off their shoulders.
You who know that it is time to tackle this, whatever this might be, together.

This is what I bring to the table: Most of all, me. My experience. My life. My wisdom. My knowledge. My story of rising up. My deep understanding of the ego. My experience from my first coaching program this summer. A very open ear to all that you want to share. An openness to share my story as much as it could possibly help. Guiding meditations.
And I want to do this for free. Because right now I can. Because right now I am so passionate about it yet cannot invest the time to figure out how to do this and actually earn money (which at one point I will do, so this is special). So much has kept me from working as a coach for such a long time, not anymore. I want to do this and I don’t care if it is for free right now and if I invest my time and energy – I am doing that because I love it.

Again, you are not alone. We are in this together. And this time we actually fully can be.

I am excited about this. Grateful that my intuition said hi. Grateful for this fall moment that helped me to shift back to love again.

Nailing it down: If this resonates with you, then please send me an email by Sunday, October 22nd to ronja@sothisiswhat.com. Let me know a little bit about who you are and what you would like to focus on during our call, let me know what is on your mind and what specific problem you have to tackle right now. I will get back to you asap. Since this is very last minute I would need the same from you so we can quickly schedule our coaching times (I am very flexible as far as time and date).
Note: I will try to work with as many of you as I can, but of course there are limits. In case I won’t be able to work with you right now, I promise we will find a way to work together at another point. 

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am about this and how much my own light within is fired up right now.
And while my ego wants to tell me that I won’t receive any email, I am sitting here full of trust. I trust that this will be received by everyone who is supposed to. And I trust that things will work out exactly as they are supposed to. I trust my inner goddess with this, I trust that she spoke up for a reason.

I am sending you much love and wish you a beautiful day!

xx Ronja

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