Download – An Easy Tool To Instantely feel better

The tube was full. So was my mind. Chasing from a to b, going from one place to another. Just as the people who were coming in at one station and leaving the tube at the next. My mind was going crazy. Not exactly in a bad way, but not feeling to good either. They were happy thoughts, yes, but they were too much. Ideas. Inspirations. Dreams. Learnings. So I did what I could do best with the little space I had with all those people around me. I grabbed my notebook – the black one I carry with me everywhere, filled with quotes, random notes, ideas for blogpost, sketches for thumbnails – and the pen I got hold of first – a pencil I bought in a recent „Oh I love stationary“-haul. And I wrote. And I crossed things off and I paused and wrote and I thought. Little by little the pages got filled. And as the tube was getting emptier and emptier so was my mind. I could see clear again. I found peace.I got off the tube and as I was walking to school I realized that at the beginning of the ride I was close to feeling very overwhelmed and falling into a rather negative mood, but by the time I had to get off, I felt calm, positive and serene again. Just by a little tool I call downloading. And although this is no crazy news, nothing surprising, nothing I invented I knew it was worth to share. Something so easy with such a huge power deserves a little attention.

Usually papers start with a definition, right? Let’s do the same. Downloading. The act of down loading every thought that comes to mind – in what ever form one desires. So far the definition. Missing a little bit of life, right? Here we go.

Downloading is one of my favorite tools to use when I feel as if my mind is bursting with thoughts – good or bad. Worries about work, ideas for the blog, things that need to get done,  notes from a meeting, questions I have for a friend, spiritual understandings. There are times our minds are full of those things. When we can’t focus, because there is just too much occupying your mind.Now you have to options. You can do something about it or not do anything. If you choose the latter, chances are you will feel overwhelmed with the result of less of a positive mood and rather a negative look at the world. Now it doesn’t have to be. When I catch myself in that moment, I use what ever time I have and I start downloading for as long as I have time, hopefully until my mind is all empty again.

Use whatever paper or notebook you have on hand. Or your smartphone. Or your laptop. It doesn’t matter. Use any pen you like, pencil, fountain pen, ball point. It doesn’t matter. And then write. In full sentences. With bullet points. Single words. In a running text. All over the page or line after line. Really it doesn’t matter. Write. Cross things off again. Add and delete. It can be messy – for me it always is – because you won’t be able to keep up with your mind. Or maybe you will. Don’t judge what you write, just put it on the paper. You can worry about it later.
Really all you have to do is write down everything on your mind. Easy as that.

And afterwards? Well to be honest, most of the time I never really look back at those pages. If I also jotted down to do’s I will take another look, when I have a quiet moment and transfer it to my to do list. But most of the time I won’t. It’s rather an act of sorting the chaos in my mind then writing a proper page with information I want to remember.

Now as I said, it sounds easy, doesn’t it? It is my loves, it is. This might not be something new to you, but maybe it is. Both ways,

I hope this serves you.

xx Ronja

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  • downloading klingt wirklich nach einer einfachn Methode und tatsächlich ist sie es ja auch 🙂
    trotzdem gehört eben etwas Übungs dazu denke ich, besonders mal in Menschen vollen Räumen abzuschalten. Übungs macht den Meister, hat schon meiner Ma immer gesagt 😉
    danke für’s teilen deiner Gedanken meine Liebe!

    und eine schöne Wochenmitte dir,
    ❤ Tina

    • Hehe da hatte deine Mama recht: Übung macht den Meister. Das hat meine Mama auch immer gesagt 🙂 Am Anfang konnte ich das auch gar nicht, vor allem nicht in der Bahn, einfach aus Angst was mein Nachbar vielleicht denkt, wenn er es lesen würde. Mittlerweile ist mir das Recht egal 🙂 Vielen Dank für deine lieben Worte ❤
      Genieß deinen Tag! Ronja ❤