Coffee + Candles + Music + Christmas Tree and The Desire To Write


Today I just want to write. I don’t want to question what message my words might contain, what service this brings to you. I just want to write. Tell my story. Reflect as I write this down. Share whatever comes to my mind. There’s so much I feel. So much happening.

2017 was big. A big year. An intense year. An amazing year. And as I was writing an Instagram post just now, the words came to me: a year of endings and new beginnings. And that’s exactly what it was. So much came to an end while so many things started to unfold. I started to coach…and when I write down those words I sometimes get surprised that I am actually talking about myself. But yes, I started to work as a life coach and with that took one big leap of faith. A milestone in my story I believe.

Something has been circling my mind for a while. It seems that time is flying faster and faster every year. And as someone who is strongly focused on personal growth, always looking for the opportunity to learn in, whatever happens, I forget way to often to hold still a little bit longer. To let whatever happened stay with me for a tad bit longer. To give me enough room to heal. I know I am not alone with this. We rush through those experiences. We kind of have to in order to keep up with the world. Did you ever catch yourself thinking that big something happened three weeks ago, only to find out with a look at the calendar that it has only been 5 days? Just a few days later answering the question about your wellbeing with an “I am fine” because you forgot that something even happened?

This has been something I’ve been carrying with myself for a while. This and the need to slow down. To just sit somewhere and do nothing else. To drop down to the floor and let all the emotions, feelings and energies wash over me like big waves. One after another. To listen to music and do nothing instead. To sit there like a big stone in the sand, not moving one bit, no matter what storm is coming.
Still, I haven’t fully given myself this time. Because there was work. There were things I needed to get done. There’s this business I want to grow. There were questions I had about moving forward. There were people grabbing my attention. There is this blog to be written. There are Christmas presents to be bought and wrapped and created. There is a newsletter to be created. There is content to be prepared. There are tons of things to worry about.
You see how those are all excuses? Because they are. Excuses we like to use so often instead of doing what we feel most drawn to. Why? Because we are scared. When we strip it all down, in the end, it is fear. I am scared – if I get all honest (which isn’t easy). I am scared about what this silence might bring up. The wounds that aren’t healed. The dreams that haven’t come true. The overwhelm about what’s to come. The fear I won’t be able to trust that all is well.
But as I am writing this all down, the fear is fading away. There is a big smile on my face. Because I feel that all is well. Because I can see how silly all of those fears are. And this my loves is why I love journaling, which this blog post somehow is. Oh, journaling has such a power to reconnect us to our inner peace. Which brings me back to the newsletter that I am working on because this will most definitely include a little something about journaling.

So what’s coming up after typing this, what messages are rising within, what is my intuition saying?

Do your thing and slow down if you need to. Or take action if that is what you need to. Add any activity to your schedule that brings you positivity – no matter how lame it might sound to someone else. You don’t need their opinions. You only need to follow your heart, knowing that you are attracting exactly the people you are wanting to attract.

I thought I end this post with a little “I might take things slowly over the next two weeks, meaning, you might not necessarily hear from me”, but now that I am at the end of this post, I am not sure anymore that this is something I still want to say. Because writing this post as done one thing: It brought me joy. And joy is all I ever want. So why should I cross that off the list?

Do what brings you joy. Do as much of it as your day allows. Because we only have this one life and we better make the best out of it.

I wish you all a beautiful few days of Christmas. I am feeling like a little kid, excited about Santa. It’s just that I am excited about my family, about lots and lots of good food, about laughter much of it, about long walks, about the Christmas cookies my mum has been baking for the last four weeks, about meditation, spending time with my family, the Christmas tree, cuddles with the dog, sitting in front of the fireplace, red wine and so much more.
Enjoy this time whatever way you spent and whomever you spent it with.
Merry Christmas!

xx Ronja

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  • Estrella

    Ahh taking time for yourself and self-care are so, so important. I have started creating a daily ritual for myself in the mornings and meditating to clear my mind, and as you said take a moment of silence-because it is so important. Hope you have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    • And that’s exactly what I did in the past days, taking care of myself 🙂 So important and needed. I love that you have a morning routine including meditation. So wonderful!
      I wish you a Happy New Year!
      xx Ronja