About me

Welcome to my blog So This Is What… A blog written by Ronja, a 26 year-old life lover who started changing her life when she found the courage to start her blog back in Fall 2013. With that first post a whole new life chapter started and has been written on every day since.

This sudden flash of inspiration. This feeling of growing. You know what I mean? I think those moments are the reason why I decided to write, to start this blog. There are so many thoughts on my mind, things I wonder about, things I don’t understand, moments that simply make me smile, ideas I want to realize. I want to learn, I want to share my thoughts with you. I am ready for this journey. I am ready to grow.
– 15.12.2013

Now from just a hobby, So This Is What has quickly evolved into a passion and a brand with a whole vision behind. Want to know more, then hopp over HERE or find out a little bit more about the face behind it all right here.

Who am I?

DSC_6892 Kopie

♥ Positive Thinker

♥ Notebook addict

♥ German girl

♥ A daughter, a sister, a cousin, a friend

♥ Coffee lover

♥ Runner

♥ Planner Crazy

♥ Writer

♥ Dreamer

♥ Crazy about LIFE

♥ Berry lover

♥ Fighter

♥ #SpiritJunkie

I believe that...

♥ we can live the life of our dreams.
♥ living in the moment is the way to be lived, but always with a goal in mind.
♥ organization is key to get what you want.
♥ in #girlboss.
♥ the only one telling you how to live your life is YOU.
♥ selflove is a key element to an empowered life, because thinking you are AMAZING and AWESOME doesn’t make you selfish.
♥ all the power and strength you need to accomplish anything lies right in you, in your inner soul.

My blogger love

Vicky Cook
Danielle Dowling
Anastasia Amour
Fit And Sparkling Life
Gabrielle Bernstein
The Daily Dose
Marie Forleo
Mimi Ikonn


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