An Open Letter To The Men And Women Who Feel They Have To Fit Into One Box

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Dear world,

I like to curl my hair and spent 30 minutes doing so.
I also like to spend five days in between a hair wash, using dry shampoo and putting my hair in a messy bun.

I like to put on makeup, create a cat eye with a winged liner and put on four layers of mascara.
I also love nothing more than to run around with no makeup at all.

I like to dress up, wear high heels, look elegant.
I also like to wear pants that make me look like I just left an ashram in India.

I like to go on a hiking vacation, all sporty, all active.
I also like to spend a whole weekend in a wellness hotel doing nothing but relax.

I like to get dressed up, go out and have a fabulous night that continues until the sun rises.
I also hate nothing more.

I like to set my alarm at 5 am, rise up, journal, meditate and workout.
I also like to sleep in until 11 am.

I like to be around my friends and other people.
I also like days in a row with no one but myself.

I like to make a healthy superfood lunch.
I also like to eat a pack of cookies in one sitting.

I like to be extremely introverted when I meet new people.
I also like to be the one in the spotlight.

I like to have a couple of drinks at night.
I also love times with no alcohol at all.

Do I fit in a box?

Do you fit in a box?

I don’t think so. Yet I know I’ve struggled with this so such a long time.

I wanted to fit in the box. I thought I had to fit in a box. I thought people expected me to fit in a box. I felt as if people put me in a box. I heard “This doesn’t suit you. Where did this come from? Not the Ronja I know.” I felt as if certain things that I liked immediately put a label on myself. Like getting my nails done = girly = barbie = shallow =…

Maybe it’s part of getting older. Maybe it is becoming more aware of myself. Maybe it’s being far more confident about myself that is creating this big desire to kick those labels and stereotypes in their butt.

I don’t fit into a box. I don’t carry one label. I do not believe in stereotypes. I love that I don’t fit into one box – I learned to love that about myself. I love the posh girl inside, I love the hippie within. I love the woman that likes Louis Vuitton, I love the woman that checks in the moon phase each night.

Still I remember how it was not to feel this way and I believe some of you feel the same. So maybe that’s an open letter from me to the women and men out there who feel they have to fit into one box.

You don’t. Really you don’t.

Don’t hold yourself back. Not one single part that makes you you.

You are beautiful in all of your different ways. With makeup, without makeup. Drinking a glass of wine or not. Smoking a cigarette or not. Growing a mustache or shaving it all off. Feeling like a hippie, dancing under the moonlight or running around in high heels and your Louis Vuitton.

The people around you might not get it, your family, your friends, they don’t have to. Only you. At the end of the day, you need to look into the mirror and love the person that looks at you, the experiences you made that day.

No one fits into one box. No one only carries one label. Not you, not me, not your neighbour. Not your friend. Luckily we don’t. Wouldn’t it be boring if we did?

So please,

Curl your hair, spend 30 minutes doing so.
Don’t wash your hair in five days, using dry shampoo to keep it fresh.

Put on makeup, create a cat eye with your winged liner and put on four layers of mascara.
Run around with no makeup at all.

Dress up, wear high heels, look elegant.
Put those beautiful yoga ashram pants on.

Go hiking, be active.
Spent a lazy weekend in a wellness hotel.

Get up at 5am, journal and meditate.
Sleep until 11am.

Be around your friends, socialize.
Spent three days by yourself, not speaking to anyone.

Cook a meal with tons of superfoods.
Eat that damn package of cookies. In one row.

Have that glass, heck, that bottle of wine.
Spent one month sober.

Your life. Your labels. Your rules.

Time to reflect:

Reading this post, what different sides do you have? Can you resonate with those I mention in my post?

💙don’t hesitate to share in the comments below💙

xx Ronja

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