2018 – Taking Inspired Action

Happy New Year!!!

How big can I possibly make those letters, I am wondering…But guess what, I am pumped, so excited about this New Year to start. I feel inspired, energized, ready to take action, inspired meaningful action.

But let me back up for a moment. I am a planner fan, always have probably always will. I love planners of any kind, I like to switch them around, I like to work and I like to take action. Yet, goal setting used to give me the heebie-jeebies, as the woman I am about to introduce to you, calls it. Goal setting usually intimidates me, freaks me out a little bit and I am no big fan of New Year’s resolutions because I made the experience to forget about them way too quickly. Why? Because I was missing the intention, the power & energy & the why behind them.

As 2017 was coming to an end, I began to reflect a lot about the past 12 months and I shared all my thoughts from this process with you in yesterday’s post. And I shared with you what apparently 2017 meant for my Zodiac sign, Pisces, too, but the article I read, didn’t only gave a look at 2017, it also explained what 2018 meant for Pisces: “You are supposed to change your life – for good. With all the evidence you’ve gathered over the past few years, now is the time to take action – you know where you want to go, the challenge is only whether or not you will be fearless enough to let yourself do it!
I had tears in my eyes when I read those words because that’s just it. It put exactly in words what I had felt coming over the past two months. Remember how I talked about the desire to become more productive (you can read about it HERE and HERE)? I guess that was only a start…

I am ready to take action. Ready to take inspired, thoughtful action and yes, I am ready to work for and on my dreams. No more holding back, no more keeping myself small. Luckily, as I was still with my family celebrating Christmas, an email arrived in my inbox from Lara Casey, introducing a 5 part goal-setting series. Of course, I was intrigued right away and started to listen immediately. Not the best idea, at 11 pm, in bed and with a tummy full of delicious food. But the idea stuck with me and the day I cam back to Berlin I went in, all in. I am not gonna lie, once you decide to go with her – let me be honest – AMAZING goal setting series it will take some of your precious time and it will be work. I took notes over notes over notes. But here’s what I experienced: I unraveled some of the most amazing intentional goals, and for the first time ever I think they will stick with me. Because they are aligned with who I am and what I truly desire. I allowed myself to go deep, I allowed myself to write down my truth (as big or as intimidating as it felt or as much as I thought I might get judged for them). Those two days of intense work have left me feeling overly excited, joyful and so energized and ready to take action. Because, you loves, that’s what 2018 will be all about for me: taking inspired action. And I am hoping, if the Universe is with me on this, you will greatly benefit from it.

Long before I started thinking about 2018, or actually in the middle of listening within what 2018 could be all about for me, Mirjam asked me in a voice message what my word for 2018 would be. I am not sure if I ever before intentionally chose a word for a year, but this one was there within a heartbeat: butterfly. To me, this word stands for:

  • Getting out of the cocoon: growth and unleashing all power.
  • Pushing through the limits: and that’s exactly it. Pushing through the limits in all areas, no matter if it’s business, body, work or mindset.
  • Rise sister rise: rising above. Unleashing the power. Being who I am. No more holding back. Sharing my light.
  • Flying: freedom, fun adventure, love.

I am not gonna go all into Lara’s way of setting intentional, cultivated goals because Lara Casey did a fantastic job explaining it in her blog posts (she even recorded audios of the posts, which is how I went through all of the steps). Here are the links to her series –  PART ONE, PART TWO, PART THREE, PART FOUR AND PART FIVE. One of my favorites about it was that at the end, when you actually write down all the goals, Lara asks you to think of a way on how you will celebrate once the goal is accomplished or at the end of the year (some of the goals don’t actually have an end date to them). I had so much fun with this and cannot wait to let them become reality. But I do think that this is part of the magic behind the goal-setting series: her words + the actions she asks you to do, make you become truly aligned with your goals and figure out what goals really matters to you and why. And in the end, thinking about celebrating your accomplishments or the way you can see that you make progress on your goals or what positive effects they will have for you and others, ohhh it gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.
So truly, if you want to cultivate a life that matters, if you want to set intentional goals, I can only recommend diving into the work, to grab colorful pens and paper and to have fun, because that’s what I did. I had fun.
But now, let me share with you what I unraveled – ahh so excited about it!
Are you ready? Here are some of my 2018 goals:

  1. Read, study & take notes
    This has been something I’ve been wanting to do for the past few weeks. I loooove taking notes and I looove to read books (no news when I tell you they are mostly about personal development) but somehow I never gave myself permission to spent the time to sit down with a notebook and take notes as I was reading. Somehow over the last two weeks, I allowed myself to go for it and I started to take beautiful notes over the Christmas holidays – squeezing as much time for it as I could find with my family around. And I loved it. It made me happy. It inspired me and it was fun. As I am making progress on this, I am sure I will here and there share some images of my notes on Instagram with you – at least I looove to see those pictures from others and I know I will love sharing them too. How am I gonna celebrate this? I am thinking to go through the plenty notebooks I will fill this year at the end of the day, and choose some of my favorite quotes, create beautiful designs of them, share them as freebies with you, print them out and create a beautiful gallery wall with them. Doesn’t that sound exciting?
  2. Movement and body strength
    Truth be told. I let myself go into 2017. I stopped running for long parts of the year, I let go of some of my health “rules”, I gained weight, I didn’t take care of myself. I am not having hard feelings about it or judging myself too much for it, I just know that it is time to turn things around again. And this isn’t about losing x amount of weight or running x times per week, but it is about moving, running, working out, eating healthy and most of all: stopping to eat in order to compensate. I’ll be honest, this isn’t easy for me to talk about, and my ego doesn’t like me to do so, but I am gonna share this anyway because that’s what a butterfly must do. How will this make me feel at the end of 2018? Strong. Empowered. Healthy. And how I will celebrate? Maybe with a big big shopping trip.
  3. 10min desk
    I think I’ve mentioned it before somewhere and I was excited to see how much alignment this goal brought me as I was going through the setting process. It is often that I come home, eat, take a nap, watch some YouTube and along the way the laziness sneaks in, the ego creeps in convincing me that I much better need to relax with YouTube than to take some action. And I figured that all I need is to create a moment of silence in which I can reconnect to my intuition, in which I can remember why I am doing what I am doing – for instance why I am writing this blog post in the first place. And usually within sitting at my desk for a few minutes I have WordPress open and am typing down a post. So 10min at a desk it is, and even if it’s just 10min before going to bed, who knows what all those 10 minutes will add up to at the end of the year. I am thinking to track my progress in a habit tracker, do you maybe have any other ideas?
  4. Empty space
    This does go with the goal above and is all about finding more room to meditate, journal, pray, dance and have floor moments because as I shared with you in yesterday’s post, one of my learnings in 2017 was that I can follow and trust that deep voice within. And that I do though those things: meditation, journaling, prayer, floor moments and dance. Why this is important to me? Because I want to live a life in peace, grace, and calm. Connected to my true self and connected to the flow of the Universe. And I know what a difference this makes in all of life because of the past and for instance the breakup I mentioned in my 2017 review yesterday.
  5. Rewrite limiting beliefs
    As I said, 2018 is about pushing through the limits in all areas of life. And for that, I must know what my limiting beliefs are in the first place and I need to rewrite them. This will include much ego work and again lots of pen on paper. It’s not something that I will actively write down as a to do, but instead, keep in mind to look on as life happens. And I am planning to somehow collect those new beliefs on flashcards or something. I am not sure yet, but I trust that it will flow exactly as its supposed to.
  6. Finish the teacher training
    This goal might be very obvious because the teacher training will come to an end this year and at first I didn’t even think I would need to write it down. It didn’t feel very inspired or at all like something I was happy to do, but the more and more I thought about I discovered how much positive energy was behidn it, how much I could benefit from that positive energy as I was going through all the next steps in this. The turning point was when I thought about how I would celebrate this. With a big fat fabulous party aaaaand a pinata – you know those things for birthday parties, those animal thingys that are stuffed with stuff and that you destroy with a baseball bat? Yeah, that is what I am gonna go with and girl am I excited about this. Having the vision of that party and that pinata is giving me all energy I need to push through this – because finishing this teacher training could potentially be challenging over the next 6 months.
  7. #365daysofwisdom
    Here we go my loves, here we go, the project I’ve been meaning to tell you: Some of you may have seen my One Line A Day journal that I’ve been filling up in the last four years – you can read about it in my POST from 4 years ago (say what?! Yes, 4 years!) – on my Instagram stories. I often found myself struggling because somehow I wanted to share it more with you, then again some of my entries were way too personal and it rather turned into a memory of things that happened in my life. One day the idea was born, to share 365 days of wisdom with you. To turn into my intuition each day and see what “lesson”, what words it will bring up. Because I know there is wisdom every day, I just don’t always listen. So I bought the journal, choose a pen and I am ready. From today on I will share this wisdom with you. Every day. For 365 days and the hashtag #365daysofwisdom. As a start daily in my Instagram stories, because that’s just the easiest, but maybe over time as a collection here too. Sooo if you are curious, you’ll just have to come over to Instagram and check my daily stories. Aaaand if this inspires you to do the same, or if you some days have wisdom to share too, then please use the #365daysofwisdom so we can all benefit from this. Why am I doing this? To connect with my intuition, to inspire you and to create valuable content. And I am so excited where this will lead us to…

I must say I am excited about this. I am excited to see what goals will unfold and what goals I might toss over time. Because life happens, and those goals are what I feel aligned with right now, doesn’t mean I will still do in six months. And I am perfectly fine with that. And I am also fine when some of those goals I won’t make progress on.
As life unfolds, I am sure there will be posts in regards to those goals, maybe the progress I am making or not making on all of them or maybe only about certain ones. So if that interests you, or if there is one goal, in particular, that would interest you, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’d love to create even more content in alignment with your wishes too. And in all honesty, you’d also help me to keep myself accountable too : )
Final question: What are your goals?? If you have any, what did you come up with? I’d love to know – the comments are always open for your thoughts.

So now, let’s get started, shall we? Let the magic begin!

2018, I am ready.

xx Ronja


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  • Thank you for sharing yourself and what 2018 will bring for you. I need to step up my self care. I used to run and do long distance races and have stopped running all together, gained weight, and feel the effects daily. I am not so much worried about my weight, as I am about me having a clear mind to act with and food and exercise so impact that. So I will be with you on that goal. I also have a goal to read a certain amount of books this year and hope to be a note taking fiend about it. I also love taking notes on things I read! So much fun. My goal is too hopefully be able to put the things I learn into action. Thanks again, Happy New Year!

    • Thank you so much for your comment and sharing all of your goals! I looove how you wrote at the end “to put the things I learn into action”. That is so true and something to be really keeping in mind. It’s amazing that we are in the same page when it comes to workout, weight and food. It really is all about that clear mind 🙂
      I am excited to see how all of this will unfold for us.
      Sending you lots of love,
      xx Ronja