1:1 Coaching

Do you feel this inner call, this longing to create your life beyond your wildest dreams?

Do you have enough of holding yourself back?

Are you done listening to that inner voice telling you that you can’t, that you are not good not strong enough?
I feel you sister! And let me make something clear from the start:

You are enough.

You are so much stronger than you think.

You can and you will.

Whatever you set yourself up to, you can.

All the answers you are longing for are right there. Deep within.

Rise sister rise.

I want you to have it all, to be it all. I want to help you to get to know your inner goddess, to overcome self-doubt and fear, to take steps towards your wildest dreams, to kick out your ego & fear and to let love enter in. Love, light and even more love and light.

For years I’ve been struggling, struggling to believe in myself, to see how capable and strong I am. Step by step and little by little, I’ve grown, I’ve learned, I’ve overcome self-doubt and the things that are holding me back. And I want you to experience the same. I’ve always wanted to learn, everything I learned along this windy road. And I have right here ever since I started to write right here.
Over the last years of writing so much has changed, I’ve learned to much. One thing stood out crystal clear: I have this longing to pour out my heart and soul, not just here on the blog, but personally to each and every one of you out there who wants to your life beyond your wildest dreams. I want to work with you as a coach, to help you grow step by step little by little. To rise like a phoenix. Rise sister rise.

I am ready to work with you. No matter your gender. No matter your age. No matter where you live. No matter what your story is
All you need is wifi and  German or English as a speaking language.

Don’t hesitate to say reach out, even just to say hi. I am here for you. Always.

Simply contact me at: ronja@sothisiswhat.com
I can’t wait to say hi!

Rise sister rise.

xx Ronja