Welcome to SoThisIsWhat!

This blog, this is me, it lives because I live, filled with my thoughts, my adventures, my experiences.
This is me.
Just like we all go through phases so does this blog. Good. Bad. Up and down.
Just like we don’t know exactly where we are headed in life, neither do I know about SoThisIs What.
None of what I write is a rule. None of what I write is the ultimate truth. No it is just me. Sharing in order to live, to understand, to grow.
Hoping it will help you.
Hoping it will inspire you.
Hoping it will move you.
Hoping in will in some form bring you happiness, peace, serenity and growth.

Latest Blog Posts


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Alright I get it. As we are getting older, become adults, life is just exploding.…

How To Handle Negative Emotions During Your Vacation

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When We Crave Love

  As single women or men there is a point in which we tend to…

How To Deal With Your Ego’s Crazy – A Writing Exercise 

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New Moon Intention ∼ Little Update ∼ Early Bird ∼ Summer of Soul Sisters

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How you will find an answer to any heart desired question

If there is something we face all the time, every week, every month, even every…

How To Let Go Of Judgment And Comparison Triggered By Friends

This is going to be a difficult topic to write and speak about. It is…

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