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The Journey of the Inner Work

  Inner Work. I’ve been curious about it ever since I can remember, without really…


When You Don’t Want to Loose Your Memories From Those Sweet Summer Nights

Summer is just over. Summer, a season when everything seems to be heightened, when you…


Mini Message: Soul Sisters, Thank You

  Life is a constant journey. A constant flow of highs and lows. Finding peace…


Summer: Going With The Flow And Letting Go

Hi loves, it took me some time to figure out what I wanted to write,…

YouTube Be the Captain

Soul Talk: Be the captain of your own ship

Hi love, it is time I share the second round: part two of my newly…


12 Things I Learned During The Past Six Weeks

Hi love, a few weeks have past since I was last in “the vibe”. The…

YouTube Thumbnail

Soul Talk: Being Bold And Taking A Leap Of Faith

Woheeee! I have a super exciting announcement today! You’ll get to see me in a…


Travel Diary: On The Cruise

Ahhhh there are those wonderful moments and opportunities in life that, when they happen, you…


We are all just captains of our own beautiful ship

Somehow today I had a little ahhhh-moment just as I sat down in the tram…


When In Doubt, Turn to Nature. Let go.

  Ring. Ring. School is over. I grab my papers, my bag, collect my things…

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